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Memory mount

Memory mount

SKU: M01ZL2021

Memory mount

The proposal is to share with you the richness of our Brazilian stories and roots with a puzzle of 500 pieces to assemble and reveal an image that, little by little, may awaken new meanings for your imagination and memories.

When you are finished, send us a photo by email showing how it looks. Put it in a nice place in your home, a place that makes sense to you. If you prefer to post on your instagram, mark us and put the hashtag: #montamemoria and #nossosentes.

We want to get closer to those who create new senses and memories with us.

Image size: 53 cm (height) x 38 cm (width)

Number of pieces: 500

Age group: 14+

Box size: 17.2 cm (height) x 17.5 cm (width) x 5.5 cm (length)


Since 2010, photographer Pablo Pinheiro has been conducting photographic research on the image of traditional northeastern cowboys, those who use gibbons in their daily lives, in the Seridó region of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba.

Whenever an image is sold, part of the proceeds goes to that cowboy or his family.

We understand that this is a way to bring cowboys and their families closer to the process of continuing to preserve this imagery so rich in our Brazilian culture.

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